To paraphrase an old saying, you’re only five twice. Once when you’re born and twice when you look your childhood in the face and realise Aston Martin’s new DB5 Junior is engineered rather deliciously for all Bond fan childhoods. And adulthoods.

The new Aston Martin DB5 Junior will be built to 66% scale of the original marque and features a rear-wheel-drive, working dashboards, fully electric power train, faithful interior detailing, silver retro lines and multiple driving modes. And to echo the original DB5 run between 1963 and 1965, only 1059 of these cool new models will be made.

As an official Aston Martin model, the DB5 Junior pays homage to the rich history of the brand and its marriage with James Bond 007 and pop culture.

Each of the limited-edition vehicles produced will feature classic Aston Martin badges, Silver Birch paintwork, Smiths instruments, and individually numbered chassis plates.

It is not clear yet however if the new model will feature machine gun headlights and be able to spin a doughnut manoeuvre when stuck in a precarious pre-title corner.

In tribute to Aston Martin’s more recent technological advances, the new DB5 Junior will include swappable lithium-ion battery packs and regenerative braking.

The DB5 Junior will be priced at £35,000 and booking slots are recommended for those feeling flush. Whether this childhood glory has a parent panicking ejector seat option is not yet confirmed.