‘James, take me around the world one more time.’ / MOONRAKER / 1979
James Bond didn’t just travel the globe. His creator Ian Fleming presented his famed literary phenomenon through the quirks, observations and characters of many new parts of a post-war world. Subsequently, the cinematic Bond took that suitcase, slapped on a BOAC luggage label and opened out his world for all movie audiences and film location fans alike in a new era of jet travel, affordable destinations and exotic new finds.
As film location hunting continues to take off, a brand new French publication presents a new atlas for Bond fans – detailing the locations, histories, current guises, rare imagery, anecdotes and mapping of 007’s sixty year trawl around the world. From DR NO to NO TIME TO DIE, authors Guillaume Evin & Laurent Perriot and the beautifully curated BONS BAISERS DU MONDE explore the world according to Bond. For more details.
by Guillaume Evin & Laurent Perriot
October 7 2020