Back in March 2012, a small group of us were fortunate enough to visit the set of SKYFALL. Luckily situated within trilby-hurling distance, the chance to see the Bond movie-making juggernaut in full flow was too much to turn down for this Bond book author. On a gloriously sunny Saturday in March 2012 we parked up at the nearby Hankley Common – near Surrey’s Elstead and soon witnessed a brilliant fiftieth anniversary year homage to the Broccoli filmmaking mantra of doing everything for real.

Doubling up for Scotland’s Glencoe (where the story action takes place and where Daniel Craig and Judi Dench had recently filmed for some inserts), Hankley Common is no stranger to Bond (The World Is Not Enough shot there too, as did such illustrious TV shows as Doctor Who and, er, Tenko) and was a perfect fit for the scale and story/action ambitions of SKYFALL.