3 Academy Awards, 2 Golden Globes, 2 Grammys, 2 BAFTAs, we lost our first Bond, we lost the first leading Bond lady, we lost the man who gave Bond his musical soul, we lost the man who gave Bond his visual poise, we lost two Felix Leiters, we opened the crater door for the last time on the director who made Bond big, Sam Mendes forged a new golden era of Bond with SKYFALL and Bond’s first knighted helmsman, ER II became the most unlikeliest and globally watched Bond Girl, 2 royal premieres at the Royal Albert Hall, 2 live presentations of Daniel Craig’s 007 at the Royal Albert Hall, the sixth Bond straddled 3 decades and became the longest serving Double-O, a mountain top retreat in Austria, a spy-tastic exhibition celebrating Bond’s villainy in Washington DC, a sleek Spyscape installation in the cityscape of NYC, a world touring DESIGNING BOND exhibition celebrating the design glories of 007, SKYFALL became the biggest British film of all time, a new era of Bond presentation with SECRET CINEMA PRESENTS CASINO ROYALE and Craig’s debut riding the box-office  again 13 years later, a resurgance of Bond movie programming at the world’s picture houses, a rightful reappraisal of the rogue bullet OHMSS, BOND IN MOTION opens as a great London clubhouse and launch pad for all things Bond, the dedication of new Pinewood soundstages to the legacy of Bond and his producers, a deserved PGA lifetime achievement award for those producing parents, Belvedere supplied the new era vodka, 4 Bond novels, 4 Young Bond publications, Bond cashmered his chips with N. Peal, 007 got a new hipster quartermaster, a new Lieutenant Colonel M from the Hereford regiment and an Oscar-nominated Moneypenny, George Lazenby took centre stage in the quirky and fictional BECOMING BOND, we lost the director who directed GOLDFINGER and help change everything, Royal minted Bond coins joined the currency, Christies held a golden anniversary auction, Bond made his Formula One debut, a producer’s daughter who was there from the start passed away, a Bond villain played Bond 7 more times for BBC Radio, the golden anniversary of Bond’s starting pistol DR. NO gave the world Global James Bond Day, Bond took over Times Square and Piccadilly to launch his newest bullet, the documentary record of EVERYTHING OR NOTHING became a valuable document to the history of a saga and a bullet catching tome made its debut…

‘I think you’re just getting started.’

Eve Moneypenny.

Here’s to the 007th decade, Commander!