Rest in peace Terry O’Neill.

As one of Swinging Sixties most famous lensman, lovers and visualists, O’Neill was also one of pop culture cinema’s key chroniclers.

Not only did Terry famously photograph his then wife Faye Dunaway by the pool at the Beverly Hills Hotel the morning after she won the Academy Award for NETWORK, he helped launch and document many a Bond and Bond film.

His imagery for LIVE AND LET DIE influenced that for SPECTRE decades later, his GOLDENEYE shoots became the famous teaser poster return of Bond in 1995 and at least two books (the second being published in April 2020) are beautiful accounts of the iconography and imagery that has always accompanied the Bond series.

Portrait of Daniel Craig taken in a North London pub, UK, 2012.

He was also a top bloke and this bullet catcher is glad to have met him over a vodka Martini or four and an embarrassing moment involving an instant camera photographing one of the great lensman.