The Beverly Hills Have Eyes – Reviewing THE KID STAYS IN THE PICTURE

There is a point in director Simon McBurney’s breathless The Kid Stays in the Picture when you realise that the onstage chat and spotlit conversations about John Huston and the shooting of the 1974 American new-wave classic Chinatown is coming from Danny […]

PRODUCING THE PRODUCER – Bond producers set to produce the tale of one of Seventies cinema’s key names

In the year that will also see Bond creative house EON Productions tackle a lesser known tale of old Hollywood in new Britain in the form of Paul McGuigan’s Film Stars Don’t Die In Liverpool, 007 producers Barbara Broccoli and Michael G […]

OF PARAMOUNT CONCERN – why one of America’s best movie houses deserves to make an exhibition of itself

California obviously has more than its fair share of glittering movie houses with a history. Hollywood has of course the famous Grauman’s Chinese and Egyptian Theatres, San Luis Obispo has the Fremont and San Francisco has the Roxie and the […]