Make mine a Jyn & Krennic – The Force Is Strong With This ROGUE ONE

  As STAR WARS Celebration Europe unfurls the full force of its Ewok duvet-wetting treats for all fans awaiting anything Rogue One related, Disney & Team Kennedy-Abrams release the first official teaser poster and a behind-the-scenes featurette. The blue sky thinking […]

“This IS the STAR WARS film you are looking for” – Reviewing THE FORCE AWAKENS

Spoilers! The Force Awakens feels like a missing Star Wars movie that came out in 1985. Blessed with a cracking first half that beguiles and reminds of our Kenner-addled childhoods with magic, dignity and a heraldic swagger, Episode VII is a wilfully old […]

Away put your title rumour? Is it FEAR and loathing in Mos Eisley?

With intraweb enthusiasm set to ‘Salacious Crumb’ levels in the last week with that photo looking just like it was culled straight from the 1979 Elstree Studio archives (which was probably the point – cue a possible barrage of late 1970s […]