BOND IN MOTION 3As the great and the good of Hollywood were abandoning their cars to make way into Los Angeles’ Dolby Theatre for the Academy Award’s annual buffet and raffle this weekend, James Bond saw his automobiles arriving in their own style to nab all the Best Supporting gongs going.

© Getty Images / 2014 / used with permission from the LONDON FILM MUSEUMAs Eon Productions & The London Film Museum’s imminent exhibition BOND IN MOTION takes shape in Covent Garden, and James Bond himself was no doubt looking for the one car valet he hadn’t killed to help out, the exhibition’s starry ‘cast list’ have been making their way to London and to the Wellington Street address of what will be their home for the foreseeable future.

Vehicles loaded in over the weekend included the Aston Martin DB5, Rolls Royce Phantom III from Goldfinger, “CUB 1” (the Rolls Royce Silver Cloud II from A View to A Kill, and a major co-star itself of Catching Bullets), the Acrostar Jet plane from Octopussy and the 1/3 scale model of the Agusta Westland from Skyfall which cut quite a curious sight hogging the kerb outside the London Film Museum. Added to that, Little Nellie from You Only Live Twice arrived with less interference from rogue Japanese agents than usual.

Having now left their previous address in Beaulieu Motor Museum behind (where the BOND IN MOTION exhibition first launched to mark Bond’s 50th anniversary and ended up being extended for a successful run throughout 2013) 007’s glittering array of wheels arrived in the big city, mercifully avoiding the weekday congestion charge dilemmas.

Of course the cars’ entrance was typically dramatic – worthy of some of the best 007 manouvering and planning. The collection will be the largest ever gathering of 007 vehicles, motorcycles, planes, underwater subs, helicopters and yes, Goldfinger‘s Rolls Royce Phantom was got at by SPECTRE agents in the form of London’s ever-vigilant home guard (or traffic wardens as they are also known). At least the Rolls was granted a lovely canary yellow clamp, in keeping with its own paint job (Auric does like a good colour co-ordination, if his golfing gear is anything to go by).

The small matter of moving such automobiles is no mean feat, even for a Sunday in London and various hearts were no doubt in the mouths of some of the car’s guardians as the DB5 and Phantom were winched into place in the exhibition’s new London home. © Getty Images / 2014 / used with permission from the LONDON FILM MUSEUM

BOND IN MOTION opens on March 21st 2014 at the London Film Museum and promises to be a grand display of movie cars.

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With thanks to the London Film Museum and Eon Productions for the photos.